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Design. Heal. Grow.

Helping physicians design sustainable careers and lifestyles that align with their core values

Feeling stuck?

At a crossroads in your medical career or family life?

Worried you have to choose between being a successful doctor or an amazing parent?

Coaching can help.


About Me

Certified Physician Coach

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Hi, I'm Corrie. I'm a board-certified practicing physician, clinical faculty affiliated with Harvard Medical School, certified wellness coach, mother, wife and ocean athlete.

Like so many working parents, I’ve struggled with balancing my roles of doctor and parent. I felt forced to choose between my health, the needs of my family, and those of my patients.  I lay awake at night agonizing over whether I should quit medicine in order be a connected parent. I secretly worried that I would disappoint myself and others by not being able to rise to the level of success I felt called to in my work because of the demands of family life. I became resentful about my sacrifices and the overwhelming expectations of this life I worked so hard for.

Coaching helped me re-align my life in a sustainable way that fills me up rather than depletes me.

In unlocking the creative power of my thoughts and tapping into my own innate wisdom, coaching empowered me to heal my pain points and design a life in which I can doctor and parent from a space of abundance and peace.

I am passionate about sharing this transformational process with physician colleagues and dedicated parents everywhere to help them tap into their strengths in order to reimagine their future.

With me as your guide, you will

DESIGN your way from frustration to innovation,

HEAL your mind, body, and spirit by examining your mindset & elevating your strengths, so that you can

 GROW into the authentic life of your dreams.


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life?

Contact me today to schedule a complimentary discovery session.

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